This Week


Leviticus 4: 1 - 6: 7

12 May 2017



Leviticus 4:1-6:7

Key Verse: 4:31

I. The sin offering (4:1-5:13)

  1. Read verses 4:1-35. What kind of sins does God mention? (2) When the anointed priest sins, what is the way of atonement for him? (4-12) What about for the whole Israelite community(13-21), for a leader(22-26) and for a member of the community(27-35)? How and why are they different?
  2. What are the spiritual meanings of sprinkling the blood? Of the horns? Of burning the sin offering outside the camp? (12,21, Ps 103:12; Heb13:11-12)
  3. Read verses 5:1-13. What else make a person guilty? (5:1-4) What must he do for the atonement? (5,6)? If he cannot afford a lamb? (7-10) If, however, he cannot afford even two young birds? (11-13) What can we learn about God and atonement?

II. The guilt offering (5:14-6:7)

  1. Read verses 5:14-6:7. When were the Israelites commanded to offer the Guilt Offering? What must they do for their atonement? What are the characteristics of the Guilt Offering?
  2. Find out the repeated sentence, “…the priest will make atonement,..will be forgiven.” (4:20,26,31; 5:6,10,13,18; 6:7) Think about God who commands atonement for every sin (Ex 34:7; Lev 11:44,45), the role of the priest and the purpose of the sin offering and the guilt offering? How did Jesus, our eternal High Priest fulfill the purpose? (Heb 10:11-14)