Bible Study Materials


Jeremiah 27: 1 - 29: 32

14 May 2023



Jeremiah 27-29

  1. Read 27:1-11. What did the LORD command Jeremiah to do? (1,2) Then what message did Jeremiah deliver to all the kings? (3-11)
  2. Read 27:12-22. What message did Jeremiah give to Zedekiah? (12-15) And to the priests who were overseeing the temple? (16-22) Why should everyone put on the yoke of the king of Babylon (8,12,17) and what does it mean to us (Mt 11:29; Mt 16:24; 2Co 12:7)?
  3. Read 28:1-17. What did Hananiah prophesy in the name of the LORD? (1-4) How did Jeremiah respond to him? (5-9) Then how did Hananiah respond to Jeremiah? (10,11) How did the LORD respond to Hananiah? (12-17) In what sense are we like Hananiah?
  4. Read 29:1-14. Who are the sender and the recipients of the letter? (1-3) Think about the situations of the exiles in Babylon. What does the LORD say to them by the letter? (4-9) His plan for the exiles (10-14). Think about importance of one good shepherd.
  5. Read 29:15-32. What does the letter say about the remaining people in Jerusalem? (15-19) And about the false prophets in Babylon? (20-23) How did Shemaiah in Babylon respond to Jeremiah’s letter? (24-29) How did Jeremiah respond to Shemaiah’s letter? (30-32)