This Week


Leviticus 8: 1 - 10: 20

02 Jun 2017



Leviticus 8-10

Key Verses: 10:10,11

I. The ordination of the priests (Chapter 8)

  1. Read verses 1-9. Describe the preparation for the anointing ceremony and each meaning.
  2. Read verses 10-29. What and whom did Moses anoint? (10-13) What is the spiritual meaning of this anointing? How did Moses sacrifice a sin offering (14-17), a burnt offering (18-21) and an ordination offering (22-29) for Aaron and his sons? Why do the priests need such sacrifices? (Heb 5:1-3; 7:26-28)
  3. Read verses 30-36. Why did Moses sprinkle on Aaron and his sons the anointing oil mixed with blood? (30) Why did God command them to eat the meat and the bread of the ordination offerings? (31-32) Why did God command them to stay at the entrance to the Tent of Meeting for seven days? (33-36)

II. The Priests begin their ministry (Chapter 9)

  1. Read verses 1-24. On the eighth day, how did Aaron make atonement for himself? (1-14) For his people? (15-21) How did God accept the offerings? (22-24)

III. God’s judgment on the priests (Chapter 10)

  1. Read verses 1-3. Why and how did God kill Aarons’ sons Nadab and Abihu in the Tent of Meeting? (1-2) Why did they offer unauthorized fire? (9) Why did God punish them so severely? (3)
  2. Read verses 4-11. How were the dead bodies carried out? (4-5)? What shouldn’t the holy priests do even though their family members died? (6-8) Why (7, Lk 9:59-60)? What must the holy priests not do? (8,9) What is an important priestly duty? (10,11)
  3. Read verses 12-20. What are the priests’ shares of offerings and where do they have to eat them? (12-15) Why was Moses angry at Aaron’s remaining sons? (16-18) Why didn’t Aaron eat it (19-20) In this passage, what are the holy priestly duties?