This Week

God, The Creator

Genesis 1: 1 - 2: 25

01 Jan 2022



Genesis 1:1-2:25

Key Verse 1:1


  1. Memorize v. 1. What does "In the beginning" refer to? "The heavens and the earth"? Why is the word "created" significant? What do you learn from verse 1?
  2. Read v. 2. When God created the earth, how did it look? (cf. Jer 4:23) What was the Spirit of God doing?
  3. Read vs. 3-31 and draw a diagram showing what was created each day. In the 6 days of creation, is there any external or internal order? Progression? What can we learn here?
  4. How did God create the world? (cf. Heb. 11:3) Trace the verses where the phrases 'God said' or 'And it was so' appear. What can we learn here about God? (cf. Heb.4:12; Gen.17:1)
  5. Find the verses in which the phrase 'according to their kinds' is repeated. What are the things that were created according to their kinds? What can we learn about God?
  6. Find the verses in which the phrase 'And God saw that it was good' is repeated. What does this expression teach us about the purpose of God's creation? (cf. Ps 19:1; 139:14)

** GOD CREATED MAN (1:26-2:3,7)

  1. Read verses 26 through 28. When did God create man? What specific plan did God have for man?
  2. Read 2:7. What else do you find about man? What is the uniqueness of man?
  3. Read 1:29-31. What does this passage show us about God's provision? (cf. Mt 6:33) Why was he very pleased with his creation on the sixth day?
  4. Read 2:1-3. How is the seventh day different from the other days? (cf. Exo 20:8-10) What can we learn about the purpose of the seventh day?


  1. Describe the condition of the earth before God created the Garden of Eden (5,6). What did God do for man (8)? Describe its physical environment (9-14) and its spiritual environment (16,17). Why did God put man in the garden (15)? What does this passage show about God? About man?
  2. What command did God give man concerning the two trees in the middle of the garden (16,17)? What does the phrase "You are free to eat any tree in the garden" show us about God and man? Why did God give this command?
  3. What did God say before making woman (18)? What does this show about woman? What do you learn about the truth of marriage? Describe God's efforts to find a suitable helper for man (19,20).
  4. How did God make woman (21,22)? What did God do with the woman he created (22b)? What did Adam say then (23)? What should a man do before being united to his wife (24a)? What does the expression 'they will become one flesh' mean? Read verse 25. What does this show about their relationship?