This Week

Isaiah 60: 1 - 22

26 Jun 2022



Isaiah 60:1-22

  1. Who is the audience? (14) What is her condition now? (2a,15a) What is the LORD’s command for her? (1a) How can she arise and shine? (1b,2b) 
  2. What will happen when the glory of the LORD rises upon Zion? (3-13) Why will nations and kings come to her? (7b, 9b, 13b) Why did she fall before, and how can she rise again now? (10)
  3. What will happen to the enemies? (12,14) How will the LORD bless Zion? (15b-18) Why will not the sun and the moon be needed anymore? (19,20) 
  4. To be glorified, what will the LORD do to the people of Zion? (21,22) Think about the LORD who raises Zion as a kingdom of priests and a holy nation.