This Week


Numbers 13: 1 - 14: 45

01 Nov 2017



Numbers 13-14

Key Verse 14:9

  1. What command did God give to Moses (13:1-2)? Why? (cf. Dt 1:19-23) Who did Moses appoint to spy out the Promised Land? (3-16)
  2. What was their specific mission? (17-20) What report and evidence did they bring? (21-29) What was the conclusion of their report? (30-33)
  3. How did the people respond to the report? (14:1-4; Dt 1:26-33) What was the problem of the 10 spies and the people? (14:9,11; Dt 1:28)
  4. How did Moses and Aaron respond? (5) How about Joshua and Caleb? (13:30; 14:6-9,24) How did they please God?
  5. Why was God so displeased? (10,11) What did God want to do? (12) How did Moses intercede for the rebellious people? (19) How did God answer Moses’ intercessory prayer? (20)
  6. How did God punish the grumbling? (21-38) But who would enter the Promised Land? (24,30b,31,33,38)
  7. How did the Israelites continue to rebel against God? (39-44) How was the consequence? (45)

Think about how this event changed the Israel history. What does this passage mean to you?