Last Week


Job 1: 1 - 3: 26

13 Mar 2020



Job 1-3

  1. Describe Job’s character and wealth (1:1-5; Ezekiel 14:14,20). How did God acknowledge Job? (6-8) Why did God allow Satan to test Job? (9-12)
  2. How did Satan take away Job’s property and children? (13-19) Yet, how did Job respond? (20-22)
  3. How did God acknowledge Job again? (2:1-3) Why and how did Satan attack Job again? (4-7) How did Job and his wife respond? (8-10)
  4. How did Job’s friends respond? (2:11-13) How did Job curse his birthday? (3:1-26) In what sense is this a sin against God?
  5. Compare your situation to Job’s situation. How would you respond if you are in his situation?