Last Week


1 Samuel 16: 1 - 17: 58

14 Nov 2018



1 Samuel 16-17

  1. What was God’s instruction to Samuel to anoint the next king? (16:1-3) How did Samuel anoint David? (16:4-13) What do you learn about God’s way of seeing people? (16:7)
  2. How much did Saul suffer when he was rejected by God? (16:14,15) How did David serve him? (16:16-22)
  3. Describe the battle line between the Philistines and the Israelites. (17:1-3) Describe Goliath’s appearance (17:4-7) How did he defy the armies of the living God and how did the Israelites respond? (17:8-11)
  4. How did David join this battle? (17:12-22) What did David hear from Goliath and what was his response? (17:23-30) How did David convince Saul that he could defeat Goliath? (17:31-37) What do you learn from shepherd king David?
  5. How did David arm himself for the battle against Goliath? (17:38-40) What were their fighting statements against each other? (17:41-46a) What did David want the whole world to know about God? (17:46b-47) What were the results of the battle? (17:48-58)
  6. How could the boy David defeat the champion Goliath? What does this mean to you?