Last Week


Judges 9: 1 - 12: 15

01 Jun 2018



Judges 9-12

  1. Who is Abimelech & what did he do? (9:1-6) Who is Jotham & what did he prophesy over Abimelech and the Shechemites? (7-21) How did God bring justice on them? (22-55) What is God’s message in this chapter? (56,57)
  2. After Abimelech, who were the two judges raised? (10:1-5) Think about the sin cycle again: a. their sins (6), God’s divine disciplines (7-9), their repentance (10) & God’s response (11-18) Do you see any difference?
  3. What is Jephthah’s profile? (11:1-3) How did he become a leader? (4-11) Why did the king of Ammon came and what was Jephthah’s response? (12-28) What do you learn from Jephthah?
  4. How did God approve him as the judge? (29) What vow did he make (30-33) What happened upon his arriving home? (34-40) What do you learn from him, his daughter & God?
  5. Why did the civil war break out between the Ephraimites and the Gileadites? (12:1-4) How was the result? (5,6) How long did Jephthah judge Israel? (7) After Jephthah, who judged Israel? (8-15)