Last Week


Judges 6: 1 - 8: 35

25 May 2018



Judges 6-8

  1. Think about the Israel’s spiritual condition after Deborah’s death: a. their sin (6:1a), b. God’s discipline (1b-5), and c. their repentance (6). Why did such things happen? (7-10; Dt28:30,31)
  2. Whom did God call for the deliverance and how did he respond? (11-24) What mission did God give him first? (25,26) How did he obey God? (27) How did God protect him? (28-32)
  3. Describe the battle ground: a. enemies (33a; 7:12; 8:10), b. location (33b, 7:1), c. Israelites (34b,35; 7:3b). How did God equip Gideon? (34) What signs did he request from God and why? (36-40)
  4. What was God’ primary concern in this battle? (7:1,2; 3:1,2; Isa 48:11; 1Sa17:47) What kind of soldiers did God send back hom and why? (3-8; Dt20:8; 1Co9:22) How did God help him to have faith in God? (9-15)
  5. What was the battle strategy of God? (16-18) How did they humbly obey it? (19,20) How did the sword of God fight? (21-25; 8:10-12; 18-21) What truth does God teach us through this battle?
  6. Why did the Ephraimites complain to Gideon and how did he handle it? (8:1-3) Why didn’t the men of Succoth & Penuel support Gideon? (4-9) How did he punish them? (13-17)
  7. After the great victory, what did the men of Israel suggest Gideon? (22) What was his answer and why? (23) What were the two snares to Gideon? (24-32) What were the two sins of Israel after Gideon’s death? (33-35)