Last Week


Judges 1: 1 - 3: 6

04 May 2018



Judges 1:1-3:6

Key Verse: 2:10

  1. After Joshua’s death, what did the Israelite ask God and what was God’s answer? (1,2) Which cities and how did Judah & Simeon conquer? (3-20)
  2. Yet, which land couldn’t they conquer and why not? (19b) Where did the descendants of Moses’ father-in-law dwell? (16, 4:11; Jer 35:5-19)
  3. Why did the Jebusites live in Jerusalem with the people of Benjamin? (21) Which land did the house of Joseph conquer? (22-26) Yet, which land didn’t they conquer and why not? (27-29)
  4. Which land didn’t Zebulun, Asher & Naphtali conquer and why not? (30-33) Why is this not a light matter? (Nu 33:55; Jos 23:12,13) Why couldn’t Dan come down to the plain? (34-36)
  5. Why and what did the angel of the Lord decide? (1-3) What was their response? (4,5)
  6. What was a serious spiritual problem after Joshua’s death? (6-10) How did they provoke the Lord to anger? (11-13) How did God punish them? (14,15)
  7. Why did God raise judges? (16,18) Yet, how evil were they? (17) Think about God’s repeated salvation and their worsen corruption. (18,19)
  8. How did God change his mind? (20,21; cf. Jos 13:6) What did God plan to do with the enemies? (2:22-3:4) How did they get worse? (5,6)