Last Week


Mark 14: 1 - 15: 47

03 Aug 2019



Mark 14:43-15:47

  1. How did Judas betray Jesus? (14:43-46) How did the disciples react to Jesus’ arrest? (47-52) Why did they run away? (49b)
  2. How did the Sanhedrin accuse Jesus? (53-59) How did Jesus respond to the false accusations? (60, 61a; Isa 53:7) Yet, when & how did Jesus respond? (61b, 62) How did they respond? (63-65)
  3. How did Peter deny Jesus three times? (66-71) Why? How did he respond? (72)
  4. What was Pilate’s first question and Jesus’ answer? (15:1,2) Why was Pilate amazed? (3-5) How did Pilate try to release Jesus (6-10), but why did he fail? (11-15)
  5. Why was Jesus flogged? (15b; 1Pe2:24) How did the Roman soldiers torture and mock Jesus? (16-20)
  6. How was Simon from Cyrene blessed to participate in Jesus’ suffering? (21, Acts 11:20; Ro 16:13) Why did Jesus refuse wine mixed with myrrh? (21,22) How did the soldiers fulfill the Scripture? (24; Ps22:18)
  7. What was the charge written on the cross? (25-27) How did people taunt him? (29-32) Why did Jesus not save himself? (14:36; cf. Mt 26:53)
  8. What was Jesus’ cry on the cross? (33-37) What does it mean that Jesus was forsaken by God? What happened immediately upon Jesus’ death? (38; Heb 10:19-22) What was the centurion’s testimony? (39)
  9. Who were these women and how had they served Jesus? (40,41) Who was Joseph and how did he bury Jesus? 42-47) What does Jesus’ death mean to us? (14:22-25; Isa 53:4,5)