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Mark 12: 1 - 44

26 Jul 2019



Mark 12:1-44

  1. Describe “The parable of the Tenants”. (1-8; cf. Isa 5:1-7; Ge 2) What’s the problem of the tenants? What’s the message of Jesus to the religious leaders? (9-11; Ps 118:22,23; Ac 4:10,11; 1Pe 2:4-7) Yet, how did they respond? (12) What do you learn from this parable?
  2. Who tried to trap Jesus with what question? (13,14) How did Jesus escape? (15-17) What does it mean to the religious leaders & to you, “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s”? (2-8)
  3. Who challenged Jesus with what question? (18-23) Why were they wrong? (24, Acts 23:8) What was Jesus’ answer about marriage in heaven (25) and about resurrection of the dead? (26,27) What do you learn from this passage?
  4. Who asked Jesus with what question? (28) What is the most important commandment among all? (29,30; Dt 6:4,5) What is the second one? (31; Lev 19:18) What did he need to do in order to enter the kingdom of God? (32-34) How do you practice the first & the second greatest commandments?
  5. Whom did Jesus ask with what question and why? (35-37) Why should the disciples beware of the scribes? (38-40) Which warnings are relevant to you?
  6. What did Jesus see during the offering time? (41,42) What did he teach his disciples? (43,44) How is Jesus’ value system? How is the widow’s offering related to verse 40b?