Last Week


Mark 10: 1 - 52

05 Jul 2019



Mark 10:1-52

Key Verse: 10:45

  1. Where & how did the Pharisees test Jesus? (1,2) What was Jesus’ answer? (3-5) What did Jesus teach about marriage and divorce? (6-12) What do you learn from Jesus’ teaching?
  2. What made Jesus indignant? (13,14a, cf. 9:36,37) What did he teach his disciples? (14b,15) How did Jesus receive little children? (16)
  3. How and what did a rich young man ask Jesus? (17) What was Jesus’ answer & his response? (18-20) What did he lack? (21) What was his response? (22)
  4. How hard is a rich man to enter the kingdom of God? (23-25) Yet, how is it possible? (26,27) What was in Peter's mind? What did Jesus promise and warn him? (28-31)
  5. Why were people amazed at and afraid of Jesus? (32a) What did he tell the Twelve only? (32b-34) Why did Jesus keep telling them about his upcoming death and resurrection? (8:31-32; 9:12; 9:31-32)
  6. What did James and John request right after hearing Jesus’ death and resurrection? (35-37) What were Jesus’ and the disciples’ responses? (38-41) What did Jesus teach them? (42-45)
  7. What faith did Bartimaeus have? (46-48) How did Jesus bless his faith? (49-52) What do you learn from Jesus in this passage?