Last Week


Mark 8: 1 - 26

10 Jun 2019



(A History Lesson)

Mark 8:1-26

  1. What was happening in the desolate place? (1) Why did Jesus feel compassion for the crowd? (2,3) What do you learn from Jesus?
  2. Do you see any problem in their response? (4) Describe how Jesus and the disciples fed the crowd again. (5-9) How is this incident similar with the previous one? (6:30-44)
  3. In the region of Dalmanutha what did the Pharisees ask Jesus for? (11) What does their request reveal about them? How did Jesus respond and why? (12,13)
  4. Of what did Jesus warn them? (14,15) What did he mean by the “yeast of the Pharisees and Herod?” What yeasts do we have to watch out for?
  5. How did they misunderstand Jesus’ warning? (14,16) How did Jesus rebuke them? (17,18) What did Jesus remind them of? (19-21) Why?
  6. In Bethsaida, who was brought to Jesus? (22) How did Jesus heal him? (23-25) Why did Jesus intentionally hide this sign? (22,26,12,30; Isa 35:5-6) Why do you think his eyes were not restored immediately?