Last Week


Mark 6: 1 - 29

24 May 2019


Jesus Sends Out the Twelve

Mark 6:1-29

  1. Why did Jesus go to his hometown? (1,2a) How did his hometown people react and why? (2b,3) How did Jesus respond to them? (4-6)
  2. Why do you think Jesus sent out the Twelve? (7a) And two by two? How did Jesus equip them and why? (7b) What instructions did Jesus give them and why? (8-11)
  3. What did the disciples preach and how did they exercise the authority of Jesus during the fieldwork training? (12,13) What does it mean to them? (3:14,15) 
  4. How did people respond to Jesus’ ministry? (14,15) How about Herod and why? (17-29) What do you learn from John and Herod?
  5. What and how does Jesus want us to do in this unbelieving and adulterous generation?