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Mark 1: 1 - 45

05 Apr 2019



Mark 1:1-45
Key Verse: 1:1

“The beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.”

I. The Preparation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ (1-13)

  1. What does verse 1 proclaim? What was John doing in the wilderness and what was the response? (4-8) What does it mean? (2,3; Mal 3:1; Isa 40:3) What do you learn from John’s mission, life and testimony?
  2. What happened when Jesus was baptized by John? (9-11) What was the meaning of his baptism? Where did the Holy Spirit lead Jesus and why? (12,13) How did these two events prepare Jesus for the gospel ministry?

II. The Ministry of the Gospel of Jesus Christ (14-45)

  1. When, where, and what did Jesus proclaim? (14,15) What is the key point of his message?
  2. Where and who did Jesus call? (16-20) Why? (17) How did they respond? (18, 20) What do you learn from Jesus and the first disciples?
  3. Where and what did Jesus do next? (21-26) What was the response and why? (22, 27, 28) Why do you think Jesus’ teaching had authority?
  4. Where and who did Jesus heal? (29-31) What happened at sundown in the whole city? (32-34) What did Jesus do very early in the morning? (35) Why did people search for Jesus and what was Jesus’ direction? (36-39)
  5. What faith did a leper have in Jesus? (40) How did Jesus heal him? (41,32) Why was Jesus’ ministry hindered? (43-45)
  6. Think about the ministry of the Gospel of Jesus in this passage