Bible Study Materials


Luke 18: 1 - 43

13 Nov 2022


Luke 18

1. Read verses 1-8. What does Jesus want his disciples to do (1)? Describe the judge, the widow, and God in Jesus’ teaching (2-7). After all, what does it mean that the disciples ought always to pray (8)?

2. Read verses 9-14. To whom did Jesus tell this parable (9)? What do show the prayers of two men about them (10-13)? What can we learn from this parable (14)? Read verses 15-17. How can we receive the kingdom of God like a child?

3. Read verses 18-30. What do we know about the ruler who came to Jesus (18,21,23)? What was the one thing this man lacked (22)? Why is it so hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God (23-25)? Then, who can be saved (26-27)? What is the reward to those seeking God's kingdom first (28-30)?

4. Read verses 31-34. What did Jesus tell his disciples (31-33)? Why did Jesus keep repeating this message to his disciples (34; 9:22; 17:25)?

5. Read verses 35-43. When the blind beggar heard that Jesus was passing by, what did he do (35-38)? How did he respond to the rebukes of the people (39)? What did Jesus do for him (40-43)? What can we learn from the blind beggar?