Bible Study Materials

Where Are The Nine?

Luke 17: 1 - 37

06 Nov 2022


Luke 17

1. Read verses 1-4. To whom was Jesus speaking (1a)? How serious is it for anyone to cause others to sin (1b,2)? What should we do not to be instruments of temptations to sin or victims of them (3a)? How to deal with the brother’s sin (3b,4)?

2. Read verses 5-6. With what motivation did the apostles ask Jesus to ‘increase their faith.’ (5,6; cf. Mt 17:19-20)? What is ‘the faith like a grain of mustard seed’? Read verses 7-10. What kind of attitude should the disciples have (10)?

3. Read verses 11-19. Describe the story of ten lepers and Jesus. What did the Samaritan leper when he was healed (15,16)? What was Jesus’ expectation from the ten lepers (17,18)? How did Jesus bless him (19)?

4. What was Jesus’ teaching about the kingdom of God to the Pharisees and the disciples (20-24)? What must happen first before that day (25)? What lessons can we learn from the historical events of Noah, Lot, and his wife (26-33)? Based on Jesus’ teaching, think about how we can be saved on the days of the Son of Man.