Bible Study Materials

The God Of Jacob

Genesis 27: 1 - 31: 55

09 Jan 2022



Genesis 27:1-31:55

Key Verse 28:15

** JACOB GETS ISAAC'S BLESSING (25:19-34;27:1-46)

Skim through 25:19-34 and describe how Jacob got the birthright from Esau. What does this event show us about Jacob and Esau?

Read verses 1-10. What did Isaac want to do before he died? What was Rebekah's counter-plan?

Read verses 11-17. How did Jacob respond? How did Rebekah push him?

Skim through verses 18-29. How did Jacob take advantage of his father's blindness and deceive him? What were the blessings Isaac gave Jacob?

4. Skim through 30-46. When Esau came in and identified himself, what did Isaac tell him? What did Esau say about Jacob (36)? What does this passage tell us about Jacob? What decision did Esau resolve to do (41)? What did Rebekah decide to do (42-46)?

** THE GOD OF BETHEL (28:1-22)

Read verses 1-9. What instructions did Isaac give Jacob? How did he bless Jacob (3,4)? How did Esau interpret his father's actions?

Read verses 10-15. How might Jacob have felt his first night away from home (1-10)? Describe Jacob's dream. How did God introduce Himself? What did he promise Jacob?

Read verses 16-19. The dream was so vivid that Jacob woke up. What was his reaction to what he had seen and heard? What did he do the next morning? How does this show his sense of history?

Read verses 20-22. How many requests did Jacob ask God to do in his vow (20,21)? What was his vow to God (22)? Why did he suddenly change to the second person ("you") in verse 22? Why was this vow important in Jacob's life? Who is the God of Bethel?

** THE GOD OF PADDAN ARAM (29:1-31:55)

Skim through 29:1-20 and describe Jacob's meeting with Rachel. What were the wages he asked of Laban when he agreed to work for him? How did he carry out his part of the bargain? What does this passage show us about Jacob?

Read verses 22-30 and describe how Jacob came to have two wives.

Skim through 29:31-30:24,35:16-18). Describe the struggle between Leah and Rachel. How did Leah name her first three sons?

Read 29:35. What was her 4th son's name?

Read 30:1-13. In the meantime, what was Rachel's problem? Why and how did Jacob rebuke her (1,2)? What does this show about her? How did she name the sons born by her maidservant?

Read verses 9-13. What did Leah name the sons born to her by her maidservant? How did she name two another sons? How was she honored?

Read verses 22-24. When Rachel finally had a son, what did she name him? When did she have another son (35:16-18)? Who do you think was truly blessed and happy between Rachel and Leah? Describe the atmosphere in Jacob's home.

Read verses 30 through 43. After establishing his own family, what did Jacob begin to concern of (30)? What new contract did he make with Laban (31-34)? How did Laban try to trick him (35,36)? But how did Jacob overcome his trick (37-42)? With what result (43)?

Skim through 31:1-21. When Jacob noticed the change of Laban and his sons toward him, what new direction did God give him (3)? Read verses 4-13 and describe how Jacob acknowledged God's help in the matter of his wages? What was the conclusion of their family meeting (14-21)?

Read verses 22 through 55. When Laban caught up with Jacob, why did he not harm him? What can you learn here about God's faithfulness? Who is the God of Paddan Aram?