Bible Study Materials


Luke 13: 1 - 35

09 Oct 2022


1. Read verses 1-9. What tragic events did happen at that time (1,4a)? How did people understand these events (2, 4b)? What warning did Jesus give (3,5)? What parable did Jesus tell them (6-9)? What does this parable teach about the importance of repentance?

2. Read verses 10-21. Describe the woman in the synagogue and how Jesus helped her (10-13). Why was the synagogue ruler indignant (14)? How did Jesus reveal the spiritual truth (15,16)? In what way is the kingdom of God like a mustard seed and yeast (18-21)?

3. Read verses 22-30. What question was Jesus asked, and how did he answer (22-24)? What does it mean to ‘Strive to enter through the narrow door’? Why were some denied entrance (25-27)? What does the repetition of ‘I do not know where you come from’ tell us?

4. Read verses 31-35. What warning did some Pharisees give Jesus and why (31)? What was Jesus’ goal, and why was he sure he would reach it (32,33)? What was God’s hope for his people, and how did they respond (34)? What would be the consequence (35)?