Bible Study Materials


Luke 11: 1 - 54

25 Sep 2022



Luke 11

  1. Read verses 1-4. What did one disciple request Jesus? (1) Explain the each prayer topic (2-4). Why should we pray for them? How seriously do you pray for them and what do you do for their fulfillment?
  2. Read verses 5-13. Explain the parable (5-7). What does Jesus teach us through the parable? (8-10) What else does Jesus teach us about God’s prayer answer? (11-13) What do you learn?
  3. Read verses 14-26. How did the Pharisees distort the work of the Holy Spirit? (14-16) How did Jesus disprove their argument? (17-19) How did he cast out the demons? (20-23) What do you learn about the work of the Holy Spirit?
  4. Read verses 27-36. What did Jesus teach about truly blessed people? (27,28) And what did Jesus teach the evil generation? (29-32) What else did Jesus teach them? (33-36)
  5. Read verses 37-54. Why was the Pharisee surprised at Jesus at the dinner table? (37,38) In what aspect, were the Pharisees senseless? (39,40) Why will woes be to the Pharisees? (42-44) And to the lawyers? (46-52) What was their response to Jesus’ rebukes? (53,54)