Bible Study Materials


Luke 8: 1 - 56

04 Sep 2022



Luke 8

  1. Read verses 1-3. What did Jesus and the disciples diligently do? (1) How is it related to the Parable of the Sower? (5a,11) Who supported the gospel ministry and how? (2,3)
  2. Read verses 4-15. What parable did Jesus give to the large crowd? (4-8a) Why did Jesus speak to them in parable? (8b-10; Mt 13:35) What does the parable mean? (11-15) What does Jesus teach us?
  3. Read verses 16-21. What does Jesus teach us through the parable of a lamp? (16-18; Mk 4:24) Who are Jesus’ family members? (19-21) How can we be Jesus’ family members?
  4. Read verses 22-25. What problem did the disciples confront & how did they respond? (22-24) What was their problem? (25) What do you learn from this event?
  5. Read verses 26-39. Describe the demon-possessed man (26,27,29b). How did Jesus set him free? (28-33) Why did the townspeople ask Jesus to leave their town? (34-37) What life direction did Jesus give to him? (38,39) What does this event mean to you?
  6. Read verses 40-48. Why and how did Jairus come to Jesus? (40-42a) On the way to Jairus’ house, how was a woman healed from her chronic sickness? (42b-44) How did Jesus bless her? (45-48) What do you learn from her?
  7. Read verses 49-56. Meanwhile, what did Jairus hear and what did Jesus say to him? (49,50) How did Jesus raise the dead girl to life? (51-56) What did Jesus reveal about himself? (Jn 11:25,26)
  8. Think about the Parable of the Sower again. How is it related to each event or narrative in this chapter?