Bible Study Materials


Luke 7: 1 - 50

28 Aug 2022



Luke 7

  1. Read verses 1-10. Describe the centurion: compassion (1,2), love (3-5), respect (6), and faith (7,8). How did Jesus respond to his faith? (9,10) What kind of faith does Jesus want us to have?
  2. Read verses 11-17. What was going on in a town called “Nain”? (11,12) How did Jesus comfort the sorrowful widow? (13-15) How did the witnesses respond? (16,17) What does this incident testify about Jesus?
  3. Read verses 18-23. What did John the Baptist ask Jesus and why? (18-20; Mt 11:2) What does Jesus’ answer to John mean? (21-23, 4:18-21; Isa 35:5,6) What does verse 23 mean to you?
  4. Read verses 24-35. How did Jesus acknowledge John? (24-28a) What does verse 28b mean? What was the problem of the generation? (29-35) What does verse 35 mean?
  5. Read verses 36-39. What did a woman do to Jesus at the dinner table? (36-38) Why do you think she did so? How did Simon, the host, criticize Jesus in his mind? (39)
  6. Read verses 40-50. What did Jesus teach him through a parable? (40-47) How did Jesus bless the woman? (48-50) Think about relationship between forgiveness and love.