Bible Study Materials


Luke 6: 1 - 49

21 Aug 2022


Luke 6

  1. Read verses 1-11. Why did the Pharisees accuse the disciples? (1,2) How did Jesus defend them? (3-5) How did the religious leaders try to accuse Jesus? (6,7,11) How did Jesus respond? (8,9) What do you learn from Jesus?
  2. Read verses 12-19. What did Jesus do before calling the Apostles? (12) Who are the twelve Apostles and what do you know about them? (13-16) What did Jesus do with them? (17-19; Mk 3:14,15)
  3. Read verses 20-26. Whom did Jesus address? (20a,17a) Who are truly blessed and why? (20b-23) To whom will woes be and why? (24-26) What do you learn from the blessings and woes?
  4. Read verses 27-36. What must Jesus’ disciples do to their enemies? (27-31) Why? (32-36) How do you practice this command in your life?
  5. Read verses 37-42. What must Jesus’ disciples not do to their neighbors? (37,38) Why not? (39-42) How did Jesus himself obey it? (Jn 3:17; Jn 8:11) How do you practice this command in your life?
  6. Read verses 43-49. How does Jesus recognize people? (43-45) Who are good people? (46-49) Think about the conclusion of the sermon on the mount. What is your decision?