Bible Study Materials

Isaiah 54: 1 - 55: 13

05 Jun 2022



Isaiah 54-55

  1. Read 54:1-3. What vision does the LORD give Israel? (1,3) What should they do by faith for the vision to come true? (2) What does it mean to you?
  2. Read 54:4-10. How does the LORD comfort Israel? (4-10) Think about the LORD’s relationship to Israel and HIS promise to her.
  3. Read 54:11-17. How will the LORD rebuild Israel? (11-14a) How will HE protect them? (14b-17)
  4. Read 55:1-5. How does the LORD invite Israel? (1,2) What blessings does the LORD promise to those who come to HIM? (3-5) What does the LORD’s invitation and the blessings mean to you?
  5. Read 55:6-11. How should they seek the LORD? (6-9) What does the LORD say about his WORD? (10,11) What WORD does HE give Israel?