Bible Study Materials

Isaiah 49: 1 - 50: 11

22 May 2022



Isaiah 49-50

  1. Read 49:1-7. Think about the servant of the LORD: target audience, calling, training, purpose, mission, and honor (1-7). How did he feel about his labor in the LORD, yet what was his conviction? (4,5b) Who is the servant of the LORD?
  2. Read 49:8-13. When and how will the LORD answer the prayer of Isaiah? (8-12) How does Isaiah respond to the word of the LORD? (13)
  3. Read 49:14-26. Yet, how did Zion respond to the word of the LORD? (14) What is the LORD’s answer to Zion? (15-18) How will the LORD restore Zion? (19-26)
  4. Read 50:1-3. What did Zion misunderstand? (1,2a) How does the LORD correct Zion? (2b,3)
  5. Read 50:4-11. How did the LORD teach Isaiah and how did he respond? (4,5) How did he react to persecutions and how could he overcome them? (6-11)
  6. What do you learn in this passage from the LORD and from Isaiah?