Bible Study Materials


Matthew 24: 1 - 51

21 May 2021



Matthew 24

  1. Read verses 1-3. What did Jesus prophesy about the temple? (1,2; 23:37-39) What does Jesus teach us? What did the disciples ask Jesus and why? (3)
  2. Read verses 4-14. What are the end-time signs? (4-12) What warnings and promises does Jesus give? What must believers do? (13,14)
  3. Read verses 15-28. What else the end-sign did Jesus tell his disciples? (15; cf. Da 9:27; 11:31) What are Jesus’ life-saving instructions? (16-19) How will God show his mercy for his people? (20-22) What is Jesus’ repeated warning about false prophets? (23-28)
  4. Read verses 29-31. What will be the last sign of Jesus’ coming? (29,30a) How will all the nations respond and why? (30b) What will Jesus do? (31) Think about the hope of God’s people (Rev 21:1-4).
  5. Read verses 32-35. What does Jesus teach us through the fig tree lesson? (32,33) Why should we believe all these prophecies of Jesus? (34,35)
  6. Read verses 36-51. What does Jesus tell concerning the day and the hour? (37-39) Therefore, what does Jesus command all believers to do? (42-51)