Bible Study Materials


Matthew 20: 1 - 34

23 Apr 2021



Matthew 20

  1. Read verses 1-16. Why did Jesus give this parable? (19:29,30; 20:16) How is the kingdom of heaven like? (1-15) What does Jesus teach us through the parable? According to this parable, what does verse 16 mean?
  2. Read verses 17-19. What did Jesus say to his disciples again as they were going up to Jerusalem? (17-19) Find out how many times he had said about it before. Why do you think he kept saying about it?
  3. Read verses 20-28. What did the mother of James and John request? (20,21) What was Jesus’ answer? (22,23) Why were the ten disciples indignant? (24) What did Jesus teach them? 25-28) What do you learn from Jesus?
  4. Read verses 29-34. How did the two blind men ask Jesus for mercy? (29-31) How did Jesus serve them? (32-34) What does this event testify to Jesus?