Bible Study Materials


Luke 22: 1 - 23: 56

10 Apr 2022



Luke 22-23

  1. Read 22:1-20. Who planned wrong things before the Passover? (1-6) How did Jesus prepare for the Passover? (7-13) What did the Passover mean to Jesus and the disciples? (14-20)
  2. Read 22:21-62. What were his disciples’ problems? (21-34, 47-62) What was Jesus’ concern even at the last minute? (35-38) How was Jesus struggling on the Mount of Olives? (39-46)
  3. Read 22:63-23:17. How was Jesus tried and mocked before the Council, Pilate and Herod? (22:63-23:17) What did Jesus testify to them? (22:70; 23:3,9)
  4. Read 23:18-56. How was Jesus ended up being crucified, dead, and buried? (18-56) What did Jesus say to those who were lamenting for him? (27-31; Rev 6:12-17) Why?
  5. What did Jesus do for those who crucified him? (34) What does it mean that the temple curtain was torn in two? (45; Heb 10:19-20) What does Jesus’ last word mean? (46)
  6. How were the various people blessed through Jesus’ sacrifice: Barabbas (23:18,19,25), Simon of Cyrene (26), the criminal (40-43), the centurion (47), and Joseph (50-53)? What does Jesus’ death and burial mean to you?