Bible Study Materials


John 14: 1 - 31

11 Feb 2024


Jesus, The Way

John 14

1. Read verses 1-3. Why did the disciple’s hearts be troubled? (1a) Why do our hearts be troubled? How did Jesus help his disciples? (1b-3)

2. Read verses 4-7. What did Jesus say about the way and the destination of our life? (4-7) What does it mean that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life to you? (8:31-32; 17:3)

3. Read verses 8-14. How did Philip seek to know God? (8) What should he believe? (10-11) What is Jesus’ promise to whoever believes in him? (12-14)

4. Read verses 15-24. What is the evidence that we love Jesus? (15) What are the blessings and promises to those who love Jesus? (16-21, 23)

5. Read verses 25-31. How does the Holy Spirit help the disciples? (25-27) Why did Jesus tell his disciples these things in advance? (29) How did Jesus show his love for the Father? (31)