Bible Study Materials


John 11: 1 - 57

12 Nov 2023



John 11:1-57

Key Verse: 25

  1. Read verses 1-6. What problem arose in Bethany (1-3)? Think about Jesus' relationship to Lazarus’ family (2-3; 12:3; Lk 10:39-40). Yet, how did Jesus respond to their urgent calling and why (4-6)? What do you learn from Jesus?
  2. Read verses 7-16. Why didn’t the disciples want to go to Judea (7-8)? What does Jesus’ answer mean (9-10)? What did Jesus teach them about life and death (11-13)? Why was he glad of not being there (14-16)? What do you learn from his teaching?
  3. Read verses 17-27. Why did Martha complain to Jesus (17-22)? What did Jesus say to her, but what did her answer mean (23,24)? So, what did Jesus teach her about himself (25,26)? What did she believe now (27)?
  4. Read verses 28-44. Why did Jesus weep (28-38a)? Why did he rebuke Martha at the tomb again (38b-40)? What did Jesus pray for (41-42)? How did Jesus raise Lazarus (43-44)? What does this sign tell us about Jesus?
  5. Read verses 45-57. How did the Jews respond to the sign (45)? Yet, what did the Jewish council decide and why (46-53)? How did Jesus react (54)? What does John say about the upcoming Passover (53,55-57)?