Bible Study Materials


John 10: 1 - 42

05 Nov 2023



John 10:1-42

Key Verse: 11

  1. Read verses 1-2. How is a thief, a robber, and the shepherd identified (1,2)? What does it mean to enter by the door and to climb in by another way? Whom do a thief, a robber, and the shepherd refer to (9:22,34,35-38)?
  2. Read verses 3-6 How does the gatekeeper and the sheep respond to the shepherd (3-4)? How does the shepherd lead his sheep (3b,4a; Ps 23)? How does the sheep respond to a stranger (5)? Why didn’t the religious leaders understand this figure of speech (6; 8:44,47)?
  3. Read verses 7-21. What does it mean that Jesus is the door of the sheep (7-9; 14:6)? What contrast does he draw between the thief, the hired hand, and the good shepherd (10-18)? Think about why Jesus is the good shepherd (10b,11,15,17,18; Ro 5:8). How did the Jews respond to Jesus? (19-21)
  4. Read verses 22-30. When and where did this event take place (22-23)? What did the Jews request and what was Jesus’ answer (24-26)? What does Jesus promise his sheep (27-29)? What is Jesus’ testimony about himself and what does it mean (30,33b,36b)?
  5. Read verses 31-42. How did the Jews respond to the testimony of Jesus (31-33)? How did Jesus defend his testimony (34-36)? What is the evidence that Jesus is the Son of God (37-38)? How did people respond (39-42)?
  6. What does this passage mean to you?