Bible Study Materials


John 4: 1 - 54

24 Sep 2023


1. Read verses 1-9. Why did Jesus stop in Samaria? (1-6) What did Jesus ask the Samaritan woman, and how did she respond? (7-8) What was the historical context of the relationship between Jews and Samaritans? (9)

2. Read verses 10-15. What is the difference between the well water and the 'living water' Jesus offers? (10-15) What is the living water, and why and how does this truly satisfy? (7:37-39; Jer 2:13)

3. Read verses 16-26. What did Jesus reveal about the woman's personal life? (16-18) What did Jesus teach about worship (20-24), and about himself? (25-26)

4. Read verses 27-38. How did the Samaritan woman react? (28-29) How did Jesus explain his mission and the concept of spiritual harvest to his disciples? (34-38)

5. Read verses 39-45. What impact did the woman's testimony about Jesus have on her town? (30, 39-42) How did the reception of Jesus differ between Samaria and Galilee/Cana? (41-45, 48)

6. Read verses 46-54. How does the official's interaction with Jesus show the power of faith? (46-53) What is the significance of Jesus' second sign? (54)