Bible Study Materials


2 Kings 9: 1 - 11: 21

18 Jun 2020



2 Kings 9-11

  1. Read 9:1-13. How did Elisha fulfill the remaining mission of Elijah? (9:1-10; 1Ki 19:16) How did the king’s inauguration go? (9:11-13) Why did God anoint Jehu as a king of Israel? (9:6b-10a)
  2. Read 9:14-37. How did Jehu carry out God’s mission: King Joram (14-26), King Ahaziah (27-29) and Queen Jezebel (30-37)? How was the word of God fulfilled on Jezebel? (1Ki 21:23)
  3. Read 10:1-27. What other missions did Jehu carry out: Ahab’s sons(10:1-10), Ahab’s people in Jezreel (11), the relatives of Ahaziah (12-14), Ahab’s people in Samaria (15-17), and all the prophets of Baal (18-27)? How was the word of God fulfilled? (1Ki 21:21-22)
  4. Read 10:28-36. How did God bless Jehu? (30) In spite of this, how did Jehu fall short? (28,29) Why? (31) So, how did God discipline him? (32-36)
  5. Read 11:1-3. Who was Athaliah and what did she do right after King Ahaziah’s death? (11:1) Why? (11:3) How did God save Joash through Jehosheba? (11:2,3) Think about the situation of David’s throne?
  6. Read 11:4-21. When and how did Priest Jehoiada restore David’s throne? (11:4-12) How did God destroy the house of Ahab in Judah? (11:13-16) How did Jehoiada fully restore the kingdom of David? (17-21) Think about the role of Priest Jehoiada.
  7. What does this passage mean to us?