Bible Study Materials


Jeremiah 39: 1 - 41: 18

25 Jun 2023


1. Read 39:1-18. What did the Babylonians do to Jerusalem (2, 8) and to King Zedekiah (5-7) and people (9-10), and to Jeremiah (11-14)? What message was given to Ebed-melech (15-18)? Why did Zedekiah, Jeremiah, and Ebed-melech have different outcomes on the last day?

2. Read 40:1-12. What did the captain of the guard say to Jeremiah (2-5)? Where did Jeremiah choose to go (6)? Who was Gedaliah (5)? What challenges did Gedaliah face, and how did he handle them (7-12)? Think about Jeremiah’s decision to remain in the land of Judah.

3. Read 40:13-41:3. What news did Johanan and the leaders of the forces bring to Gedaliah (40:13-14)? What suggestion did Johanan give to Gedaliah, and why (15)? Who was Ishmael, what did he do, and what would be his motivation (41:1-3)? What do you think was the biggest mistake of Gedaliah (14,16)?

4. Read 41:4-18. How wicked was Ishmael (4-10)? How did Johanan and the leaders of the forces respond to Ishmael’s violent actions (11-16)? How did the tragic event affect the remnant’s situation (17-18)? What kind of leader do you think was most needed by the remnant of Judah?