Bible Study Materials


Jeremiah 37: 1 - 38: 28

18 Jun 2023



Jeremiah 37-38 
Key Verse 38:17

  1. Read 37:1-10. What was the attitude of King Zedekiah and his officials toward the word of the LORD (1,2)? How was the crisis in Jerusalem resolved (3-5, cf. 34:15)? Yet, what did the LORD say to King Zedekiah (6-10)? What can we learn from this event?
  2. Read 37:11-21. Why was Jeremiah imprisoned (11-15)? How was his situation (16,20)? How did King Zedekiah protect him (17-21)?
  3. Read 38:1-13. Why did the officials cast Jeremiah into the cistern (1-6)? Who was Ebed-melech, and how did he save Jeremiah (7-13)? How did the LORD bless Ebed-melech (39:15-18)? What can we learn from the LORD?
  4. Read 38:14-28. What is the only way of salvation for King Zedekiah, his family, and Jerusalem (14-23)? Yet, why couldn't he surrender (19,24-25a)? What were the consequences (39:6-8)? How did King Zedekiah protect Jeremiah again (24-28)?
  5. King Zedekiah didn't surrender until the end, even though he kept inquiring of the LORD (37:3,17; 38:18). As a result, he and his family perished. Identify what you haven't yet surrendered to the LORD and surrender it now!