Bible Study Materials


2 Kings 6: 1 - 8: 29

12 Jun 2020



2 Kings 6:8-8:29

  1. Read 6:8-23. How did Elisha play a decisive role in Israel's defeat of the Aramean army? (8-12) How did Elisha capture the army of Aram who came to capture him? (13-20) What did he do to them and why? (21-23)
  2. Read 6:24-33. What happened in Samaria when Ben-hadad King of Syria laid siege to Samaria? (24-29) Why did such a horrible situation occur? (Lev 26:29) Yet, who did the king of Israel blame? (30-33)
  3. 7:1-20. What good news did Elisha prophesy? (7:1) Why couldn’t the captain enjoy God’s salvation? (2, 17-20) How did the word of God come true? (3-16)
  4. 8:1-6. What happened in the land of Israel after the war? (8:1) How did God take care of the Shunammite woman? (1-6)
  5. 8:7-15. How did Elisha fulfill God’s mission given to Elijah? (7-15; 1Ki 19:15) Why was this mission difficult for Elisha to obey? (11-13; 2Sa 7:14)
  6. 8;16-29. Why did Jehoram, king of Judah walk in the ways of Ahab? (16-18) Yet, why was the LORD not willing to destroy Judah? (19) How did God discipline him? (20-24) What caused Ahaziah to become an evil king? (25-29)
  7. What does this passage teach us about God?