Bible Study Materials


Jeremiah 24: 1 - 26: 24

07 May 2023


  1. Read 24:1-10. When and what vision came to Jeremiah? (1-3) What do the good figs represent? (4-7) What is the significance of the LORD’s promise to the exiles from Judah? What do the bad figs represent? (8-10)
  2. Read 25:1-14. When did the word come to Jeremiah? (1) What was the LORD's constant message to the people of Judah? (2-7) What were the consequences of their disobedience? (8-11) What would the LORD do after 70 years of captive? (12-14)
  3. Read 25:15-38. What was the LORD's command to Jeremiah, and what did it mean? (15,16) What nations would drink the cup of the wine of wrath? (17-26) What were the LORD's words to them? (27-31) How would LORD’s wrath come upon them? (32-38)
  4. Read 26:1-24. When and what words came to Jeremiah? (1-6) How difficult was it for him to obey the word? (20-23) What happened when Jeremiah obeyed the LORD? (7-11) What was Jeremiah's testimony before them? (12-15) How did the LORD protect him? (16-19,24)
  5. How can we be regarded as good by God? Think about the attitude of the servant of God‘s word.