Bible Study Materials


2 Kings 21: 1 - 23: 37

15 Jan 2023


1. What kind of a king was Manasseh? (21:1-7a) What was the people's problem? (7b-9) Why would God bring disaster upon Jerusalem and Judah? (10-15) What other sins did Manasseh commit? (16-18) Describe Amon, who was Manasseh's son. (19-26)

2. What sort of king was Josiah? (22:1,2) What did he do in the eighteenth year of his reign? (22:3-7) How did Josiah respond when he heard the words of God? (8-13) What did the prophetess Huldah prophesy? (14-20)

3. What did Josiah do first upon hearing the prophecy? (23:1-3) How thorough were Josiah's reforms? (4-20) To what extent did he uphold the Law of Moses? (21-25)

4. Nevertheless, why would the LORD not turn away from his anger that burned against Judah? (23:26,27) How did Josiah die? (23:28-30) What sort of kings were Jehoahaz and Jehoiakim? (31-37)