Bible Study Materials


Luke 21: 1 - 38

04 Dec 2022


1. Who did Jesus turn his disciples’ attention to (1-4)? Why did Jesus value her offering more than others? What should his disciples learn?

2. What occupied the disciples’ attention (5)? What did Jesus teach about the destiny of the temple (6)? Why might this have surprised his disciples? What were their two questions (7)?

3. What signs did Jesus give, and what instructions accompanied them (8-11)? What would happen to disciples and why (12,16-17)? How should they respond (13,14-15,18-19)? How is this relevant to us today?

4. What would happen to Jerusalem and why (20-24; 19:44)? Who would be spared and why? In view of God’s redemptive history, why is this significant?

5. What signs would immediately precede Jesus’ coming again (25-26)? What will the coming of the Son of Man be like (27)? What does this reveal about who Jesus is? Why is this important for disciples and us (28)?

6. What can we learn from the fig tree (29-31)? What does Jesus teach about his words (32-33)? What dangers do we face as we await Jesus’ coming, and how can we avoid them (34-36)? How did Jesus spend his final days (37-38)?