Bible Study Materials


1 Samuel 21: 1 - 23: 29

28 Nov 2018



1 Samuel 21-23

  1. Where did David flee after having been departed from Jonathan and why there first? (21:1a-9; 22:10,13) Why did Ahimelech give the holy bread to David & his companions? (21:6; Mk 2:26) Who knew about David’s visiting? (21:7)
  2. Where did David go next and why? (21:10) How could the Philistines identify David as the king of the land? (21:11) How did David act in order to survive? (21:12; Ps 56)
  3. Where did David go next, who joined him, and why? (22:1-2) Where did David go next and why? (22:3-4) What was God’s direction and why? (22:5a) What was David’s response? (22:5b)
  4. Why was Saul upset at his servants? (22:6-8) What did Doeg disclose to Saul? (22:9-10; Ps 52) What cruel things did Saul do? (22:11-19)? Why did such things happen? (2:33) How did God provide high priest for David? (22:20-23)
  5. How did David shepherd God’s flock while running away for his life? (23:1-5) Why couldn’t he stay in Keilah? (23:6-12) Where did he go next and how did God protect him? (23:13,14)
  6. How did Jonathan strengthen David’s faith in the wilderness of Ziph? (23:15-18) On the other hand, what did the Ziphites do? (23:19-24a; Ps 54) How did God save David in the wilderness of Maon? (23:24b-29)