Bible Study Materials


Joshua 1: 1 - 4: 24

16 Feb 2018



Joshua 1-4

Key Verse: 1:6

Chapter 1: New Leader- Be Strong & Very Courageous

  1. After the death of Moses, what did the LORD say to Joshua? (1:1-9) How could he be strong and courageous? What did Joshua command the leaders of the 12 tribes? (10-15) What was their attitude toward their new leader? (16-18)

Chapter 2: The Faith of Rahab & the Two Spies

  1. How did Rahab hide the two Israel spies? (2:1-7) Why? (8-11) What oath did Rahab & the spies make? (12-21) What did the spies report to Joshua? (22-24) Think about Rahab’s faith & meaning of the scarlet cord.

Chapter 3: God Cut Off The Waters Of The Jordan River

  1. How did Joshua obey God right away? (3:1-6) What was God’s plan for Joshua? (7-13) How did God cut off the waters of the Jordan River? (14-17) Think about Joshua’s faith and God’s power.

Chapter 4: God’s History Education

  1. After crossing the river, what did God command them to do and why? (4:1-7, 19-24) How did they obey God’s command? (8-10) How did the two and half tribes keep their words? (11-14) How did the waters of Jordan River flow again? (15-18) Think about importance of the sense of history.