Bible Study Materials


James 2: 1 - 3: 18

19 Apr 2018


Love, Faith, Tongue & Wisdom

James 2 & 3

Key verses: 2:8

Sin of Partiality (2:1-13)

  1. What evil thing shouldn’t we do in the Lord? (2:1-3) Why? (4-17) What is the principle of God’s judgment? (12,13) Think about the importance of ‘Royal Law’? (8, Lev 19:18, Mt 22:37-40) How much do you practice it?

Faith Without Works Is Dead (2:14-26)

  1. What is his argument regarding authentic faith? (14-17) What examples does he give us? (18-26) How is his argument different from that of Apostle Paul? (24, Ro 3:28) What are works of your faith?

Taming The Tongue (3:1-12)

  1. What warning does he give teachers? (3:1) Why? (2-12) Think about: a. the influence of a tongue (5,6), b. the evil of an untamed tongue (8-10), c. the blessing of a tamed tongue. How do you tame your tongue?

Wisdom From Above (3:13-18)

  1. What he James demand from the wise and the understanding? (13) What kinds of wisdom do they have if they have bitter jealousy and selfish ambition? (14,15) How dangerous is such wisdom? (16) How is the wisdom from above? (17,18)