Bible Study Materials


James 1: 1 - 27

13 Apr 2018



James 1:1-27

Key verses: 2,3

  1. Who wrote this letter and to whom? (1) In times of trials, how should we respond? (2; Mt 5:11,12; Ac 5:40,41) Why? (3,4; Ro 5:3,4; 1Pe 1:6,7)
  2. What is ‘wisdom’ and why is it their first need? Where does wisdom come from and how can we gain it? (5, 1Ki 3:9,12) Yet, why do people still lack wisdom? (6-8)
  3. What should the lowly and the rich brothers boast in? (9,10a) Why? (10b,11) What do you boast in? In times of trials, who is blessed and why? (12)
  4. How are ‘trial’ and ‘temptation’ different? How are people deceived? (13,14, 16-18) How does the desire progress? (15)
  5. In times of trials, what should we do quickly and what should not? (19) Why? (20) What must we do to save our souls in times of trials? (21)
  6. What must we do after hearing God’s words? (22-25) Who are truly religious? (26,27) What do you learn from this passage?