Bible Study Materials


Numbers 5: 1 - 7: 89

28 Oct 2017



Numbers 5-7

Key Verse: 5:3

  1. Whom did God put outside of the camp? (5:1-4) Why?
  2. What is God’s command to those who commit sins? (5-10) What do you learn about God?
  3. What is God’s solution when a husband doubts his wife’s purity? (11-31) Why did God give such a law?
  4. What laws should a man who makes a vow of a Nazirite keep? (6:1-21) Think about attitudes of those who separate themselves to God? (Ro 12:1,2)
  5. How should priests bless God’s people? (22-27) What do you learn about God and His blessings?
  6. What dedication offerings did the chiefs bring to God when the tabernacle was setup? (7:1-88) Why does God repeat the same offerings 12 times? Where did Moses hear the voice of God? (89)