Bible Study Materials


Exodus 32: 1 - 34: 35

24 Mar 2017



Exodus 32-34

Key Verses: 32:8

  1. Read 32:1-14. What did the Israelites do when Moses’ return was delayed? (1-6) In what sense is this a terrible sin to God? (20:3-5; 24:3-8) How did God respond to their sin? (7-10) What does his burning anger reveal his expectation for the Israelites? What do you learn from Moses’ intercessory prayer? (11-14)
  2. Read verses 15-35. How did Moses challenge their sins? (15-29) Think about Aaron’s sin. (21-24) But who were faithful to God? (27-29)
  3. Read 32:30-33:6. How did Moses pray again with life-giving spirit to God for their forgiveness? (32:30-32) How did God respond to his prayer? (32:33-33:3) Why didn’t God want to go with them? (3,5) How did the Israelites respond? (4,6)
  4. Read verses 7-23. Why did Moses pitch the tent outside the camp some distance away? (7-10) Yet, how was God’s relationship with Moses and Joshua? (9,11) What did Moses pray for? (12-18) What did God promise to him? (19-23)
  5. Read 43:1-26. What did God say to Moses? (43:1-3) How did God proclaim himself? (4-7) What did Moses pray again for? (8,9) How did God answer Moses’ prayer? (10) What commands did God repeat? (11-26) What did God promise if they obeyed these commandments? (14)
  6. Read verses 27-35. What did God and Moses do? (27,28) How was Moses’ face when he came down with the covenant – the Ten Commandments? (29-35)