This Week


Isaiah 38: 1 - 39: 8

30 Dec 2021


Isa 38-39

  1. Read 38:1-6. When and what message did the Lord give to King Hezekiah (1)? How did Hezekiah respond to Lord’s message (2-3)? What was Lord’s answer to his prayer (4-6)?
  2. Read 38:9-20. When did he write this writing? (9) Summarize his writing (10-20). Find out his prayer topic and his vow to the Lord.
  3. Read 38:21-22,7-8. What was the Lord’s prescription for his illness? (21) What did Hezekiah demand from the Lord and why? (22) How did the Lord respond? (7-8)
  4. Read 39:1-8. How did Hezekiah welcome the envoys of Babylon? (1-2) Why was it so problematic? (3-4; 2Ch 32:31) What would happen to Judah because of this? (5-7) How did Hezekiah respond? (8)
  5. What was Hezekiah’s general problem in those days? (2Ch 32:24-31) What does this passage mean to you?