This Week


Matthew 2: 1 - 23

30 Sep 2020



Matthew 2

  1. Read verses 1,2. After Jesus’ birth, who came, from where, and why? What do you learn from them?
  2. Read verses 3-8. How did King Herod, the religious leaders, and all the people in Jerusalem respond to the good news of great joy?
  3. Read verses 9-12. How did God lead the Magi to Jesus? (9,10; 2 Pe 1:19) How did they worship baby Jesus? (11) In what sense is Jesus worthy of our worship? (2,6,11; Rev 5:12) How will you worship Jesus in this Christmas?
  4. Read verses 13-15. How did God protect baby Jesus? (13) What prophecy did this journey fulfill?
  5. Read verses 16-18. What did Herod do to get rid of Jesus? What prophecy did this fulfill?
  6. Read verses 19-23. How did God lead Jesus to Nazareth? What prophecy did this fulfill? What do you learn about God in verses 13-23?