This Week


1 Kings 8: 1 - 66

29 Sep 2019



1 Kings 8

  1. When & how was the Ark of the Lord brought up? (1-9) What happened when the Ark was placed in the Most Holy Place? (10,11) What does this mean?
  2. Why did Solomon bless God & the people? (12-21) What do you learn from the God of promise?
  3. How did Solomon praise God? (22-24) What did Solomon pray for? (25-30) What do you learn about the important functions of the temple? (Mk 11:17)
  4. Describe the seven cases of prayers toward the temple: (i) In the case of sin against one's neighbor (31-32) (ii) Under defeat of a hostile nation (33-34) (iii) When there is no rain (35-36) (iv) In case of disaster (37-40) (v) When a foreigner prays (41-43) (vi) When going to war (44-45) (vii) When in captivity by an enemy nation (46-53).
  5. What was Solomon’s benediction? (54-61) How did Solomon and all the people dedicate the temple to God? (62-65) What was people’s response? (66) What does this passage mean to us?